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City Slicker Stomp is Back, Jack!

We're so happy the City Slicker Stomp Workshop & Competition in Kansas City returned this year! Two days of dancing, catching up with old friends, then throwing it down for some new hardware is what we call a great time! RRC brought a large group and our competition team brought their newest material. We're already looking forward to next year!

Competition Results

Liam - 1st Place & 2nd Overall Contemporary Solo

Shakoda - 1st Place & 2nd Overall Traditional Solo

Clara - 1st Place & 3rd Overall Traditional Solo

Aly - 1st Place Traditional Solo

Lynzy - 1st Place Traditional Solo

Amanda - 1st Place Traditional Solo

Terra - 2nd Place Traditional Solo

Amy - 3rd Place Traditional Solo

Clara - 2nd Place Choreographed Solo

Aly & Liam - 1st Place & 2nd Overall Traditional Duet

Jrs - Traditional Line 2nd Place

Jrs - Exhibition 2nd Place

Srs - Traditional Line 2nd Place

Srs - Hoedown 1st Place & Overall

United - Small Team 1st Place

United - Acapella Team 2nd Place & 2nd Overall

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