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Harvest Homecoming Festival

We have a lot of for Harvest Homecoming Harrison Arkansas that's held the first weekend of October every year on the Harrison Square - where our studio is located. Members of RRC performed for guests of the festival bright and early Saturday morning. No better way to start the day than clogging, community, and a cup of of coffee! See more photos from our performance here.

Friday night we hosted our fundraiser pageant to select the 2022 Harvest Homecoming court.

Harvest Homecoming Festival Pageant 2022 Court

Congratulations to everyone who participated this evening on a job well done! Audience, you did a great job encouraging these ladies and gentleman. Thank you to each and every person under the roof today for supporting our fundraiser - we raised nearly $2200! Thank you to our judges: Miss Gravette Keeli Moore, Jodi Moore, and Lea Ann Bryant.

Mr. HH '22 - Asher Ellis 1RU - Ayden Sale Photogenic - Ayden Sale Crowd Favorite - Ayden Sale

Baby Miss HH '22 - Elliston Gabbard 1RU - Maeve Ellis Photogenic - Elliston Gabbard Crowd Favorite - Elliston Gabbard

Wee Miss HH '22 - Ollie Kelley 1RU - Magnolia Smith 2RU - Henslee McGhee Photogenic - Ollie Kelley Crowd Favorite - Emilia Johnson

Tiny Miss HH '22 - Makiyah Diddle 1RU - Nova-Lee Jones 2RU - Kinsley Dye Photogenic - Riley Carmen Crowd Favorite - Nova-Lee Jones

Little Miss HH '22 - Stevie Mallett 1RU - Attie Palmer 2RU - Karsyn Stephens Photogenic - Kinsley Grace Crowd Favorite - Attie Palmer

Petite Miss HH '22 - Lilah Jones 1RU - Ellee Mallet 2RU - Sydnee Willmott Photogenic - Ellee Mallett Crowd Favorite - Nehvaeh Merida

Jr Miss HH '22 - Bellah Burns 1RU - Blakeleigh Horton 2RU - Macy Rupp Photogenic - Macy Rupp Crowd Favorite - Bellah Burns

Teen Miss HH '22 - Lily Burns 1RU - Jenna Lewis 2RU - Allyssa Morell Photogenic - Lily Burns Crowd Favorite - Allyssa Morell

Miss HH '22 - Jordyn James 1RU - Jodie Small 2RU - Julia Borkowski Photogenic - Jodie Small Crowd Favorite - Alexis Van Order

Ms. HH '22 - Kim Stephens 1RU - Casey Parton 2RU - Jennifer Standlee Photogenic - Rebecca Huffmaster

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